Friday, December 31, 2010

Duck Duck Goal - December

In December I decked the halls and the walls, got a new camera, admitted my love of Katy Perry songs, visited with wonderful friends, completed two minibooks, had lots of cookie baking dates, made a trifle for the first time, ate a lot of chocolate oranges, shoveled snow, had many pizza fails, sent out holiday cards, and cuddled with the cutest baby ever.  

Goal # 1: Fully embrace the holiday season.
I hugged the holidays and hugged them hard.  I made so many decorations and homemade presents that by the time the middle of the month rolled around I was kind of over Christmas already.  While Christmas always seems to sneak up then pass so quickly, it seemed more real this year because I made an effort to appreciate the season. 

Goal # 2: Clean and decorate my apartment.
I had the best of intentions to begin the new year with a tidy and organized apartment.  Instead, I spent most of the month fervently focused on my first goal.  Maybe the new year will awaken the obsessive compulsive in me.

Goal # 3: Enforce a maximum one night stay policy on any dish in my sink, i.e. do the dishes on a regular basis.
While there were often dishes in the sink, they did not stay for more than one night.  Gone are the days where my sink is overflowing with dishes to the point where the cabinets are empty and the sink is so full that even if I wanted to wash them I didn't have space to...well hopefully those days are gone.

Goal # 4: Get an iPad.
Rumors abound that the iPad 2 will be released in February (or April) 2011 and since February is my birthday month I decided to give Santa a break and will instead ask the Birthday Fairy for an iPad.

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