Monday, December 20, 2010

Don't Let the Beautiful Appetizer Fool You...This Post is Actually About my Automotive Inadequacies

I spent the afternoon doing my best Martha Stewart impersonation in preparation for this evening's holiday festivities.  And I made the best party food ever.  It's vegetarian, doesn't need to be heated or chilled, you don't need a plate or any utensils to eat it, and best of all it's colorful and festive!

Question:  What is it?
Answer: Pesto covered spinach and cheese tortellini with fresh mozzarella and grape tomatoes on a skewer.
Verdict:  Pretty awesome.

But then...dun dun dun (that is supposed to be the music of doom) car wouldn't start.  It would not light up, make noise, or even pretend to turn over. 

Now, I am good at many things, but car stuff is not one of them.  I know how to add gas to my car, I can sometimes figure out how to defog my windshield, I can open the hood (although to be totally honest I did this for the first time this past summer and I had to use the car manual), I can identify the battery, and I can correctly dial my dad's phone number when it is anything more complicated than that.

Luckily, I was at my parent's house when my car ceased to start so trusty dad got out his portable jump start pack and started my car.  Before sending me home with the portable device he gave me a lesson on how to use it, then made me explain the directions back to him.  Obviously his confidence in my ability to jump start my car without it exploding is minimal.

Finally, I got in my car ready to set off when my airbag light came on.  I spent the whole drive home fearing that my airbag was about to deploy in my face simultaneously causing me to break my nose and cause a five car pile-up on 495.  I made it home without incident, parked, turned off my car, and tried to turn it back on again. 

Still dead. 

So I did the one thing I am best at.  I went inside and decided to deal with the "car stuff" tomorrow.

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  1. So did you make it to the party or did you eat all of those delicious appetizers yourself??


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